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Back in the Gym Swing with Countrywise

Posted On : 08/09/2020

Are you contemplating reinstating your gym membership?  Don’t delay, get back to the treadmill, sit firmly on your bike and row like you’re on the Atlantic!  Gym owners are celebrating the re-opening of their locations and at Countrywise we couldn’t be more delighted.

Staying fit is not only good for our bodies, but also good for our minds, and it is great news to know that gyms are back in business across the country.  Stringent cleaning routines are in progress and social distancing is the name of the game, but it’s no doubt good to welcome the return of your members, old and new.   Hydration remains at the top of the list for ensuring a good work out benefits every part of us, vital to fighting fatigue.  As well as replacing the litre of fluid we might lose in just an hour of exercise, our water coolers show that you care, providing ice-cold refreshing water to top up those energy levels.

Plumbed into your customers’ needs

Countrywise is a leading supplier of water coolers to gyms and leisure facilities so we know our business.  We’re mindful of additional visitors on site during the current pandemic, so we also provide the option of mains fed drinking water dispensers, perfect for a range of locations, including gyms Plumbed Water Coolers  These are easy to install and provide an unlimited amount of water at a fixed cost.  No bottle deliveries.  Simple.

Alternatively, if that isn’t feasible at your location then one of our bottled water coolers – table top or floor standing - are great for providing that refresh close to work outs Bottled Water Coolers and don’t forget our touch free models Touch Free Blog

Another option for gym owners, is the provision of bottled water in plastic sports bottles available in two sizes 250ml or 500ml with a convenient self-seal sports cap.   Sourced from Wenlock Spring, these handy bottles are a superb grab-and-go addition so customers can refresh, recharge and get back on that treadmill! Handy Sized Bottled Water

Are you Pear-shaped or Apple?

Whatever shape you are, or whatever shape you want to me, eating fruit regularly gives you essential vitamins and fibre.  Providing fruit at your gym is an opportunity to show your customers that you have given the extra thought for their wellbeing.  A fresh selection of seasonal fruits just takes your gym offer up a notch and at Countrywise we offer a range of fruit deliveries in one of our Countrywise boxes, in boxes of 20, 30 and 50 pieces of fruit.   We can do the choosing for you or just let us know your preferences. Countrywise Fruit

Help, Someone Shrunk my Lycra!

So while we fish out our gym kits, we are content in the knowledge that there will be something suitable within our range of water coolers at Countrywise for your gym, whatever size or location.  We just hope these jogging pants shrank in the wash – must check that temperature!