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Water for Education

At Countrywise we would like to support the provision of drinking water dispensers within schools to protect the health and assist the hydration of both pupils and staff.


Hydration is important for all of us, but especially to children...

By the time a child starts to feel thirsty they have already lost more than 20% of their ability to perform both physically and mentally. As a direct result of a lower concentration span there can also be increased classroom disruption.


On the subject of childhood obesity, often many children eat too much because they think that they are hungry, when the truth is they are simply thirsty. 


Countrywise would like to work with you to help solve these issues and start young people off on the road to a healthier lifestyle and can offer options like the water fountains which are specially designed for high capacity use.


Studies have shown that two-thirds of UK school children don’t drink enough water during their busy day. By the time a pupil feels thirsty, they may already be slightly dehydrated. It is especially important to encourage students to drink water after athletics and playing outdoors. Water lost from sweating must be replaced to maintain good hydration.

Even a small amount of dehydration can affect pupils’ optimal mental and physical performance. This leads to lower productivity in the classroom and frustration for teachers. Keeping students well hydrated will actively help all of their body functions to work properly all day long.

Encouraging children to choose water has great health benefits. Water has none of the sugars and acids found in soft drinks and fruit drinks. These can cause tooth decay and contribute to obesity. Creating a habit of drinking plenty of water from an early age will benefit them all their lives.


Indoor Solutions:

Mains-fed coolers are simple to install and eliminate the need for water bottle delivery. A bottled water cooler can go anywhere and requires no installation. Both varieties are available with a hot tap option, perfect for the staff room or for offering parents a cup of tea.


Solutions for Outdoor School Events:


For sports days, school picnics, and other outdoor events, Countrywise Water offers individual bottled water. Drinking plenty of water is especially important when students are engaged in play and athletic activities. As they get tired and sweaty, offering them bottled water encourages them to take a break, rest for a moment, and stay hydrated helping all body functions to work properly.


Water and exams

Staying hydrated leads to improved concentration and energy levels amongst children and measurably better exam results.

When a pupil is thirsty, mental performance including memory, attention and concentration can decrease by about 10 per cent.

Pupils' concentration is improved because they are not distracted by the effects of dehydration such as thirst, tiredness and irritability.

It is important, therefore, that ensuring free access to water and promoting a regular water intake throughout the school day is vital, and schools need to at the forefront of promoting health and providing a healthy learning environment.

Many of our customers in the education sector take advantage of our 250ml bottles during the exam period as they come with a 'sports top', which means it's difficult to spill the water. They are also easy to refill and can be fully recycled.

We also provide vandal-proof plumbed-in water cooler which come with a built-in bottle filler so, again, no spillages or mess.


Water Fountain for Schools

  • Ideal for Schools
  • Vandal resistant bubbler with flexible guard
  • Vandal resistant mechanical front push button
  • Easy to use bottle filler
  • 8 gallons of chilled drinking water per hour
  • 250ml Plastic Sports Bottles

  • Ideal for schools, sports days, exams
  • Convenient self seal sports cap
  • Available in cases of 72