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Touch free with Countrywise

Posted On : 02/07/2020

Chill, we’ve got it covered

In this ever-changing world, we’re all looking to limit contact with our colleagues, customers, students and guests.  Apparently the suit and handshake is a thing of the past and we’re embracing our informal methods of working these days.  We are creatures of habit and the extended arm on meeting is going to be tricky to avoid. 

Safety first

Water coolers are one of the safest ways to provide water for your employees and our range of non-contact bottled and plumbed-in water-coolers are a perfect option to show you’re mindful of today’s adjustments, and a great way to provide chilled or hot, but always hygienic, refreshment.  Whether you’re looking to offer water in an office environment, a leisure facility or an educational setting, Countrywise has a range of non-contact coolers that will suit.  If you’re happy with your current Countrywise coolers, then we may be able to adapt your existing model – by adding a foot pedal (clever!) or up-grade to new touch free taps.

Suits you

Water coolers are an integral part of your provision to ensure the comfort of your staff.  No mess, easy to use, no washing up and the best way to promote the drinking of water.   A little like the evolving of the men’s suit, the supply of office refreshment has moved with the times.  Office attire of old often included a bowler hat and three piece suit accompanied by a brief case.  Only the waistcoat seems to have returned to favour.   With today’s work garb evolving into whatever makes you feel comfortable, the office uniform is no more.  Has the ‘dress-down Friday’ now become an acceptable every day?  For men and women the shoulder pads of the 80s and 90s seem extraordinary to us now, with the casual mode very much in favour.  Originally the preserve of the US West Coast IT set, or even the ‘Sonny Crockett look’ of Miami Vice, these looks have moved on and it seems trackies and a tee are now de rigueur.   We are comfortable with ourselves and now the power suit is a thing of the past - apparently. 

More Stormzy …..

Countrywise offers a super-smart range of coolers such as the Quasar sports bottle filler with touch free activation, perhaps less Sonny and more Stormzy, or the AA3300 Floor Standing cooler, the Post Malone of water coolers (feel free to google!)   A Kalix or Oasis foot pedal addition is a great option to stay ahead of the game.  At Countrywise, we move with the times but always provide the best for our customers.   Quality of product and service is a constant.   As a new Countrywise customer you can enjoy the first three months free with a new bottled water rental contract, and this summer enjoy your first two bottles free with every new install.  Visit our website for more information Countrywise

It’s a whole new working world …. and did we mention our supply of Countrywise seasonal fruit boxes.  Whatever next!? Hey, see you at the water cooler - elbow bump!