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Water for offices

In the UK the vast majority of many people’s working week is spent in an office environment. There are many ways in which administrative workers can improve their health and hydration is one very easy but cost effective solution.


Organisation Benefits

Organisations that offer employees healthy facilities and help to support positive lifestyle choices are rewarded by lower absenteeism, increased productivity and improved morale. Good hydration will ensure an optimal mental and physical performance.

The recommended daily intake of water is up to 1.5 litres. Drinking small amounts at regular intervals throughout the day is the best way for employees to function at their best.


Employee Health Benefits

Immune system benefits of drinking water include:

Signs of dehydration could be headaches, fatigue, and loss of concentration. These symptoms can be dangerous in circumstances where a lack of focus could lead to accidents or injury. When working in a hot environment, workers should drink around 250 ml of water at 20-minute intervals. Regular breaks to drink water will actively help with bodily functions.



Countrywise offers mains-fed and bottle-fed water cooler options for purchase or rent. Mains-fed coolers are easy to install and offer the convenience of not having to deal with bottle deliveries. Bottled water coolers are an excellent choice in commercial or industrial areas where you want to offer your staff water with no installation required.