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Why it's important to stay hydrated in the heat of the beauty salon

Posted On : 21/03/2014

Why it_s important to stay hydrated in the heat of a beauty salon AS any hair and beauty professional will know, healthy hydration is one of the most cost-effective and easy ways of achieving a host of body and mind benefits. And one of the best means of hydrating is with the simplest drink of all; water. Calorie free and tooth-kind, water is an ideal pick-me-up to serve to clients in a busy salon where the air is quite often warm and dry due to equipment such as hair dryers. Having an adequate intake of water not only plumps the skin and makes the eyes brighter, it makes your customers feel physically and mentally more vibrant. Whether you are delivering a new hair-style, a facial or a massage, your client will benefit from being hydrated and so will you. Even a one per cent loss of body mass due to hydration will affect performance and can induce mood swings, so water is a great way to ensure that everyone stays on top form. When someone is away from a customer making hot drinks instead of cutting hair the salon is wasting time and, therefore, money. Of course some clients will want to have a hot drink, but try first offering a cooling glass of water. Installing a water cooler is the best way of providing water because it means that even while waiting, customers can easily help themselves. If you normally charge customers for drinks, they will appreciate the generosity of providing free water; and if your practice is to offer complimentary drinks, then delivering water from a cooler will be cheaper, quicker and easier for the staff to serve. There are two main types of water coolers; bottled and mains-fed. If you want to be able to plug-in the machine wherever is convenient, and you have space to store a supply of bottles, a bottled water cooler is ideal. If, on the other hand, you have a readily accessible source of mains water and limited storage space, then a mains-fed cooler may be more convenient for your salon's needs. If you want your beauty salon to stand head and shoulders above the competition then call our sales team on 0800 061 2193.