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Thinking about fruit with Countrywise

Posted On : 18/05/2021

Thinking about what’s best for us?

Checking out the weather?  Spring is true to form – sun and showers in equal measure.  So is it time to think about the summer ahead?  We hope we’ll be bathed in sunshine, but British weather is always consistent – consistently varied – and with the onset of summer, we were delighted to hear The Championships, better known as Wimbledon, is returning in 2021. 

By then you may have welcomed colleagues back to your office, and with permission granted for returns to gyms, pools and leisure centres now in place, we may be beginning to return to some kind of normality. With these first few steps, there comes a decision on supplying our visitors and colleagues refreshment.  Indisputably, we all need to drink water and of course at Countrywise we can help you do just that safely in the work place.  But now considering other opportunities to consider what’s best for us, would fruit be worth thinking about? 

Why fruit is good for you

All fruit contains water, so that’s a good start.  Apples are rich in fibre and help you manage your blood sugar levels, promote good digestion and support gut and heart health. The skin is good to eat, so make sure you don’t peel your apple!  Bananas are packed full of potassium and vitamins B6 and C. They’re also great for energy levels, so worth having to hand at low ebb moments.  Oranges are very high in Vitamin C, plus Vitamin B1, potassium and folate and are now available throughout most of the year.  

The quintessential summer favourites are strawberries.  A great source of Vitamin C, folate and manganese, they act as antioxidants and are easy to prepare or just eat by hand.  We think they may be one of the nation’s favourite summer fruits, and with apparently the visitors at Wimbledon – sorry, The Championships – consuming more than 30 tonnes every year, they are certainly a favourite in SW19.

 With Wimbledon in mind, and with summer days seemingly on the cusp, we think a box of fruit alongside your water supply, may be worth a punt.  Countrywise is offering a free punnet of strawberries with every new fruit basket order in June and July.  Boxes start from just £10. Now is a great time to think about your health, and fruit is a quick win.  No doubt they’ll be thinking just the same at Wimbledon!