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Summer Sun

Posted On : 14/06/2021

With the arrival of summer and the potential on-going process of returning to the workplace, we’re thinking how best to encourage hydration.  Across the country, we all want our staff hydrated for optimum performance – physically and mentally – and at Countrywise we offer an additional opportunity to encourage the consuming of water. 

Keep Water to Hand

As well as our comprehensive range of plumbed-in and bottled water coolers, we can supply a range of plastic and glass individual bottles.  The plastic bottles of water (still or sparkling) are easy to pop in a bag for an al fresco lunch, or keep to hand at the desk.  Our bottles are also perfect for exams (once we are back to normal in our education settings), keeping handy during sports activities, and encouraging the drinking of water for on-the-road sales teams.  Our larger glass bottles suit all types of hospitality including canteens and staff cafes.   

Time to Take A Break

Research has shown that taking time away from your desk or office environment can stimulate you mentally and help the body recover, especially if your work involves repetitive movements.  You know how it is, you have a problem, you’re going over and over it, and a walk in the fresh air or a change of environment, enables you to see your conundrum in a different light, or stimulates fresh ideas and a clearer thought process to sort.  If you have the luxury of time or not as much, even a brief break can make all the difference – just 10 minutes away from the desk may benefit you.  Providing individual bottled water in handy sized 250ml or 500ml says you care and want the team to get the most from their break. Offered in tandem with our water coolers in the workplace, shows you’ve covered every option.  If you provide outdoor areas for staff to enjoy their break, then the bottles can be fridge-chilled and ready to go when needed.  Sales teams who are often away from the office are notorious for developing bad eating habits and lacking in exercise.  A ready supply of bottled water can incentivise hydration and means you have another base covered in the care of your employees.  The smaller sports bottles (250ml) are glove-compartment sized and easy to consume on the go. Hydration is vital across the board, so why not ensure you’re offering the best? 

For more information on our plastic and glass individual bottles check out our website and spread the joy of hydration – it’s easy to forget just how much water we need daily for optimum performance so make it easy for your teams with Countrywise.