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Refresh your mind for a new way of thinking with Countrywise Water Coolers

Posted On : 11/08/2020

September: a fresh start

With the nation’s work force beginning to return to work, leisure facilities re-opening, and educational environments looking set to welcome students for the new autumn term, companies and organisations are looking to incentivise their colleagues’ return showing them consideration within their environment.  It’s not just about one-ways systems and desk cleaning, but it’s also about mindfulness on making changes to the work place that reflect the current situation, putting minds at rest and showing thoughtfulness to those returning.  The addition of strategically placed water coolers or up-grades to touch-free water cooler models from Countrywise will fit the bill, with a dash of fresh chilled water to rehydrate and new way to access a refreshing cuppa to kick-start the day.  

Refresh your mind

Our range of non-contact devices or adaptions to take your existing models touch-free, are an excellent way to welcome everyone.   Whether it’s your students or teaching staff, work force, office teams or leisure users, we will have appropriate water cooler models for you.  We’ve taken the concern away for you and ensured that it’s a simple adaptation, addition or replacement to make positive changes to your environment.   The situation, much of which is led by Government guidelines, mixed with a good dose of common sense, has meant a new way of thinking, working, learning and visiting, and we are ahead of the curve on offering a comprehensive range of coolers. 

Ahead of the Game

At Countrywise we’re here to help you get it right in what will no doubt be an extraordinary end to 2020 and the year ahead.  Not sure what you need, how many and where best to place your models?  We can advise.  Making the water cooler a key element within your Covid-19 adaptions to your environment is the future, and we can work with you to ensure you have the best for your teams so they feel valued and recognise that you are ahead of the game in making these safety changes.   Let the Countrywise range of water coolers show that you care, and let us help you show your investment in the health of your staff, visitors and students, in providing refreshing mineral water safely, easily and accessibly.  We can give you the benefit of our experience in these uncertain times and ensure your refreshment offer at your work or leisure environment is fully prepped. 

Catch Our Summer 20 Offer while you can

Take advantage of our current offer, quoting Summer 20.  Countrywise can supply a cool refreshing water dispenser for as little as 59p per day and the supply of piping hot water for every refreshment choice for as little as 69p per day.  Purchase or rent, there is a range of options available to show just how much you value your teams.  We’re offering three free months’ rent on a water cooler dispenser with every new rental contract, plus two free bottles with every new install.  Quote Summer 20 and refresh your work place.