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Posted On : 11/03/2021

It’s a word of the moment, but ‘mindfulness’ is not just about awareness of others, but also yourself.  If ever there has been a time during and after the pandemic when we need to be mindful of others and ourselves in equal measure, then this is it.  At Countrywise, we’re thinking hard about our return to offices and work places, gyms, schools and colleges, amongst other locations; what our contribution is to the process and how we can make anyone with concerns, just that bit more confident in getting life back to as normal as can be.  With this is in mind (no pun intended), we’ve thought through our products – water coolers with foot pedals – bottled water coolers and our plumbed-in hot and cold water coolers to ease the potential kitchen-crush – and we think we’ve cracked it.  Here’s how.

Hot or Cold: Your choice

Our Borg & Overstrom plumbed-in cooler is available as floor-standing and table-top so it’ll suit most spaces.  Hot is 90ºc so it’s a great go-to solution for hot drinks, and with adjustable temperature you can chill as low as 4ºc.  This is a great product for minimising contact and more than one cooler within a work space, and shows you’re mindful about your colleagues and their safe space.  Our Crystal Mountain Glacier cooler, goes as low as 3ºc and suits refilling bottles accurately.  This additionally fits with an ethos of sustainability with bottle re-use, and the tap means the bottle can be refilled without contact.   

‘Nobody puts Baby in the Corner’ (courtesy of Dirty Dancing 1987)

Two top tips for plumbed-in coolers.  On locating your coolers, if you have capacity for a variety of locations, then ensure your coolers are easily visible for staff and visitors – not hidden in a corner (with thanks to Patrick Swayze!)  It’s reassuring for everyone to see that you care, that you’ve thought about installing coolers that contribute to boosting confidence for a return to work, school or gym, and that you’re mindful of keeping everyone refreshed and hydrated … safely.  Whilst our regular maintenance and upkeep can add to your own confidence that everything is tip top, we recommend a routine clearing of the cup bin, always use a bin bag within the receptacle and replace the dispenser with fresh cups at regular intervals. Don’t leave spare new cups to one side – put them away and only refill the dispenser. This avoids people inadvertently removing cups by hand and thereby potentially touching other cups.  It’s an obvious point, but it’s a good tip for mindfulness of others’ concerns.

Time of your Life?

Whether you’re new to Countrywise or an existing client, our mantra is to assure you that we’re here to help and advise.  Our teams are aware of Covid-19 guidance and keen to keep your people, your visitors, your staff and students refreshed safely.  Want to know more about how we can help you make returning to work, gym or school, a breeze?  We can’t promise you ‘Jonny’ but call us on 0800 0612193 and let us be the ones mindful about your business.