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Making plans for the year ahead

Posted On : 13/04/2021

With the Government’s roadmap revealed to take us back to some form of normality after lockdown, some of us are tentatively considering a return to our work places.  For many, lockdown has brought us an opportunity to binge watch those series we missed the first time round or spend time in our PJs thrilled that we can virtually partake in a business meeting knowing our feet are firmly ensconced in fluffy slippers.  For others, it’s been 9 to 5 stuck at the kitchen table, while household activities go on around us – for these people, the return to the work place may not come soon enough!

10,000 steps

Whatever your plans, the remainder of this year may continue to be uncertain yet we hope to give you some quick fixes on ensuring your body and mind is ready for whatever this year throws up.  We all need water to ensure everything works inside us like clockwork.  Water is of course vital for every organ.  A hydrated body and brain means we are at our best, ready for that road to economic recovery.

Water water everywhere ….

Not only is our plasma (the liquid part of our blood) made up of 93% water, 73% of water is stored  in our heart and brain, 83% lungs, 64% skin, 79% muscles and kidneys, and 31% is stored in our bones*.  We are a watery bunch.  Water is essential for our digestive system, absorbing nutrients that we need, and flushing anything we don’t.  Water helps maintain a healthy body temperature through sweat and respiration.  Water is part of the ‘shock absorber’ system in the spine, keeps joints lubricated and is the main ingredient in saliva. If we were a car engine, we would need oil to keep everything lubricated.

How much water should I drink?

There are scientific methods to calculate exactly how much water you should drink in comparison to your weight. However, a rule of thumb is that your urine shouldn’t be too dark, you should be passing urine on a regular basis, and caffeine drinks do not count towards your daily water intake.  Not like the taste?  Add a dash of concentrated low sugar or sugar-free juice or crushed fruit to make a difference.  If it’s a hot day, or you’ve been active, make sure you consume more water than you may do normally.  Love your caffeine? A handy tip is to drink a cup of water alongside every tea or coffee.  Every time you eat anything, slip in that cup of water – it’s a good habit to be in.  On the Continent (if we remember those far off days of city breaks), it’s  common practice for café staff to include a glass of water alongside an Espresso.  It’s all about keeping those cogs working inside us and feeling our very best.  

Water in the Work Place

It’s easy to forget water intake once your work is underway.  You’re up against a deadline, you’re busy with calls and meetings, you have a myriad of demands on your time.  Take stock, think water and make time for refreshment.  If you’re a work place provider, then consider how you can ensure your staff are working at their optimum.  Keep chilled water ready and available - keep it obvious and encourage water drinking as a priority.  You will reap the rewards and they will in turn feel 100%.  It’s a quick fix, and will help us all return happy and healthy to our new normality.  Anyone for a glass?