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Keeping your Hydration Tickety Boo

Posted On : 07/12/2020

At Countrywise, our standards are always high, not just in these unusual times but any time.  We’re proud to be accredited members of The Watercooler & Hydration Assocation (TWHA) which means we are committed to ensuring we offer the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene to our customers.  In 2019, two water cooler associations merged to form a new trade body – the British Water Cooler Association and the European Drinking Water Cooler Association.  Too much detail? All you need to know is that we adhere to their combined stringent codes of practice for providing water (hot and cold, bottled or pumped) hygienically and efficiently.  Choosing a TWHA provider of drinking water is a guarantee of quality through annual third party audits, and the adherence to strict Bylaws, codes of practice and code of Advertising and Conduct.  In summary, as an accredited member, your service and water from us is tickety boo.

Why so Strict?

Water is deemed a food product so imagine the strict guidelines we need to follow to look after our customers?  Speaking on behalf of the industry, TWHA has been consistently vocal on the provision of drinking water within in a multitude of environments including across leisure, education and the workplace.  In these troubling times, it remains vital that people remain hydrated to maximise all the health benefits, including immunity, that go with keeping our minds and bodies hydrated.  TWHA has also encouraged work places to increase their number of water coolers, to avoid the ‘water cooler catch up’ and pushing the hygiene benefits comparative to the more traditional methods of water provision (eg. the tap!)  We do the hard work to keep our standards as strict so you don’t have to worry. 

Autumn Offer

Our autumn offer is certainly worth looking at to keep your staff, teams, visitors and students hydrated, safe and feeling taken care of while we wait for this global virus to be tamed.  Quote AUTUMN20 for free rental on bottled water coolers until April 2021 and enjoy a fresh take on exceptional service and refreshing hydration.  Visit Countrywise for your next step to becoming tickety boo.