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Keeping our young brains Tip Top

Posted On : 07/10/2020

The brain, one of the largest and most complex organs in the body, needs regular hydration.   If we don’t replenish our body’s water, it’s a fact that our attention and memory is affected.   Water is also essential for delivering nutrients to the brain and removing toxins.  When the brain is fully hydrated, this exchange of nutrients and toxins is more efficient, resulting in better concentration and mental alertness.  Think on that      !

Water for Young Learners

Of course, we want our young people to remain refreshed during their time at school and college and it’s well known that we all perform better when hydrated.  During these unprecedented times education settings are at the forefront of our minds, while new terms begin, students settle in and new routines become good habits, it’s vital that water is easily accessible.  Hygiene is no doubt at the forefront of the mind of education facilities managers nationwide and at Countrywise we’re here to give you a range of options to ensure the health and wellbeing of our young people and teaching staff.

It’s the Law

It is law in England, Scotland and Wales to provide free and accessible water in the education and work place – it’s that important and Countrywise has a range of water dispenser options for all settings.  Providing easily accessible water gets young people in good habits, avoiding unnecessary sugars and enjoying cooled water – it’s a good routine to be in.  Plumbed in Water Coolers and Bottled Water Coolers are excellent for use across all educational settings.  Our dispensers are mains-fed or bottle-fed, providing chilled water at the touch of a button or foot-pedal.  Our dispensers can also heat water so perfect for staff rooms or provision of drinks for parents.  Remember too that students can also re-fill their own bottles, so that’s a box ticked for the environment.

The Classic School Water Fountain

There are a number of options on the type of water coolers and we can advise on what would best work for your location.  Alternatively, the classic School Water Fountain is available from Countrywise which is vandal resistant bubbler with flexible guard, vandal resistant mechanical front push button, easy to use bottle filler and eight gallons of chilled drinking water … per hour.  That’s a lot of brains refreshed!

Exams & Events

If visiting a water cooler isn’t an option during exams or school events, then our supply of 250ml plastic sports bottles of refreshing Wenlock spring water might be the answer.  Convenient self-seal sports cap so avoiding spillages and available in cases of 72, these bottles allow you to aid concentration and keep those brains working at their optimum.  Every little helps!


For more information on our water dispensers for education visit Water in Education or contact us for up to date advice on water provision in schools and colleges.