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Gold Standards on Water Dispenser Hygiene

Posted On : 30/07/2020

At Countrywise, we are proud to be members of the Water Dispenser and Hydration Association (WHA), which in a nutshell means we adhere to strict guidelines on the provision and maintenance we give our customers on their water coolers.  Going forward, hygiene in all aspects of our lives will take centre stage and we are keen that our customers also understand their part in maintaining the cleanliness of their dispensers between services.  These standards apply to both bottled and plumbed-in appliances.  Being a member of this association, not only means we meet their high standards, but also means that when your dispenser is delivered, it is a high quality appliance and ahead of delivery has been inspected and sanitised to ensure the purity of the water supplied.  So you’ve had the best start! All we ask if that you maintain these high standards so everyone can enjoy a refreshing drink at a level that you’re proud to provide.

No Bells and Whistles, just Quality as Standard

The WHA have provided a handy customer factsheet, available here with some handy details to help with the transition to the ‘new normal’.  Worth the read, it’ll help you keep your dispenser in tip-top condition.  These are simple steps, mostly common sense, but a habit worth getting into. We can also give you guidance on what to do if there has been a prolonged period when your dispenser may have been out of use.  To boost your efforts, Countrywise also offers hygiene spray for taps and disinfectant wipes for coolers, plus a range of clever options on dispensers that mean you can provide non-contact coolers, either by adapting your existing models by adding a foot pedal, or upgrading to touch-free taps, either way, the factsheet is useful and an additional method of communicating with your employees and visitors that hygiene and their health is your priority.

No price on health and wellbeing

Much has been said on the benefits of providing water, especially in these Covid 19 days as your employees return to work, customers re-visit and students return to schools and colleges, as we adapt to a new way of living and working.  Countrywise can supply a cool refreshing water dispenser for as little as 59p per day and the supply of piping hot water for every refreshment choice for as little as 69p per day.  Purchase or rent, there is a range of options available but with one constant – you’ve guessed it, quality.  This summer, we’re offering three free months’ rent on a water cooler dispenser with every new rental contract, plus two free bottles with every new install.  Worth a go in every way and certainly the kind of message you want your employees to appreciate.   Quote: Summer 20.