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Get ready for Winter with hot water dispensers

Posted On : 12/11/2020

As the nights lengthen and winter starts to close in, it might be time to consider a hot water dispenser.  Easy to maintain hygienically, and an efficient way to dispense boiling water for the perfect warming cuppa, at Countrywise we have a range of space saving dispensers that will give you the reassurance on the cleanliness you want, and a clever way to ensure your staff and visitors enjoy a winter warmer.

Household Museum Item #1: The Kettle

It’s not that long ago that the electric kettle was considered a brand new object of time-saving joy.  Gone are the days when a kettle would be filled, heated on the hob and (often) whistle its readiness.  The electric kettle was eventually invented and marketed in 1891 by Chicago based Carpenter Electric Company, and the public took it to its heart and seemed to never look back.  The convenience was evident and now the majority of homes have one. However, in 2017, it was noted that the original 98% of electric kettle owning households fell to 95%*.  Could this be a love of returning to heating your water on an aga, range or gas hob ….  It seems the experts are undecided.

Steam Clean

At Countrywise, we’re ahead of the curve on hygiene and our range of hot water boilers are the 21st century way forward to get up a head of steam.  The Instanta WA5N Wall Mounted water boiler is great for small to medium sized businesses with more limited kitchen area space.  Stainless steel for an easy wipe clean, it has a rapid draw off of 5 litres or 162 cups per hour so there’s no queuing for that longed-for drink.  Perhaps a freestanding model might suit your layout better, with the same level of efficiency on cups per hour, or for a larger number of hot drink lovers, the Instanta 1500 provides 10 litres of pure hot water to keep everyone happy. It’s a one-touch refill – easy, clean and quick.

Milk first or second?

Whatever your preference on a good old Yorkshire brew, Earl Grey or a fragrant Assam, and whatever your preference on milk, a hot water boiler may be your answer to keeping hygiene and efficiency front of mind for you, your staff and visitors.  It’s a simple solution in these unpredictable times and we have the model for you.  For more information on our hot water boilers visit Countrywise Hot Water Boilers.

*Utility Ownership Stats