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Eating more fruit from Countrywise Water Coolers helps staff morale and prevents ageing

Posted On : 11/06/2013

Research published last week revealed that not eating enough fresh fruit, along with sun beds, smoking and not moisturising, can accelerate?the ageing process in women by at least 10 years. The study for Simple skincare was lead by Dr Andrew Mayes, and was carried out over the last eight years involving 585 women aged 45 to 75?in the UK, 30 to 70 in Spain and 25 to 70 in China. The research team compared the perceived ages of those with good versus bad lifestyles, and concluded the difference was 10.4 years. Fruit is nature_s wonderful medicines and is packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many phytonutrients, which are plant?derived micronutrients. It's all too easy when at work to snack throughout the day on crisps and chocolates, but fresh fruit delivered to the workplace is growing?in popularity, and aside from the fact that it promotes wellness is it also great for staff motivation, as well as improving morale which?is a good way to increase productivity. The vitamins and minerals in fruit helps to raise energy levels and alertness which reduces the risk of illness and lowers the number of?sick days. And by feeling healthy, employees will feel more positive about themselves and their work. All Countrywise fruit comes fresh from Hull_s historic fruit market the morning it is delivered. We look to supply the freshest fruit both?locally and from around the world, ensuring continuity throughout the year. Each of our boxes contains apples, bananas, pears, clementines, plums, grapes and seasonal fruit; although if you want a different mix or?any other favourites adding we're more than happy to help. This season_s fruit boxes includes strawberries, nectarines and juicy peaches! Our fruit boxes start at ?10 and go up to ?20. If you'd like to know more telephone us on 0800 0612193 or email sales@countrywise.net.