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Countrywise Water Coolers keeps students hydrated during their exams

Posted On : 02/06/2014

Wenlock Spring 250ml FROM secondary schools to sixth form colleges and universities, students across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are currently either revising for exams or sitting exams; and we're playing our part in keeping their collective thirsts at bay. There's no disputing that staying hydrated leads to improved concentration and energy levels, and measurably better exam results. We supply both bottled and plumbed-in water coolers as well as water fountains to many schools and colleges; and at this time of year we're shifting a lot of our Wenlock Spring 250ml bottles of water for students to drink during their exams. But it wasn't always so easy. For a certain older generation the summer months at school meant queues at three or four fountains shared by 500 or so pupils; bottles were unheard of and, probably, wouldn't have been allowed anyway. Thankfully today's younger generation are well educated in the benefits of hydration; and it will stay with them as they make their way from school to college and into work, as well as in their social lives. If you'd like to know more about how Countrywise Water Coolers can help your school or college telephone us free on 0800 0612193 or email our sales department.