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Countrywise Water Coolers gives backing to BWCA sustainability pledge

Posted On : 04/04/2017


As well as providing one of the healthiest hydration solutions, the water cooler sector is also one of the most sustainable and now our trade association, the BWCA, is looking to promote the industry’s eco credentials.

Starting at the beginning of 2017, and covering all three pillars of sustainability; social, economic and environmental, BWCA members will be showing their commitment to the environment by pledging their support for the BWCA 5 for 5 Sustainability Pledge.

Here at Countrywise Water Coolers we have done quite a few things over the years to improve our sustainability.

More energy efficient coolers have entered the market place and as such, we have tried to purchase energy star rated coolers. We’ve been replenishing older ones with improved energy efficient coolers over the past seven years.

We have promoted both plumbed-in coolers and boilers and as a result our plumbed-in cooler base has grown from 1-2% to 15% over the past seven years.

In order to reduce our fuel consumption, and therefore our CO2 emissions, we have invested in two hybrid 7.5tonne deliveries lorries.

Our water supplier, Wenlock Spring, has brought in a biomass boiler to reduce its carbon footprint and has achieved a 99% recycling programme for all packaging used on its site.

We have now sourced polypropylene (PP) cups which are fully recyclable.