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Change your drinking ways for Green Office Week

Posted On : 09/05/2013

Next week is Green Office Week, but?would you say your office is eco-friendly? The problem is that people are wasteful so easily, when the smallest actions can make a huge impact! Milk, coffee, beer, wine and juice comprise 28 per cent of a consumer_s total drink consumption, but represent 58 per cent ?climate change impact. In comparison natural mineral water does not require processing as it's extracted in its final state meaning it's a raw packaged product and, therefore, it automatically has a smaller environmental impact than any other drink. As part of Countrywise_s sustained commitment to corporate responsibility the manufacturing emissions for each water cooler bottle are vastly reduced due to their reuse in comparison to other drinks. This results in a lower comparable Co2 emission per litre of product and one that is exceeded by Countrywise Water Coolers, which aims to recycle its bottles 50 times in comparison to bottled water and canned drinks whose packaging requires manufacturing, disposal and recycling with each single use. We invite businesses to swap their normal choice of beverages during Green Office Week for a cup of chilled water.