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• "The Company" refers to Countrywise Water Coolers Ltd.
"Equipment" refers to water cooler(s) and cupholders.

• The Company will maintain all equipment and correct any faults and/or replace the equipment without charge, other than faults caused or replacements necessitated through negligence or misuse. In any event the equipment will be thoroughly checked and adjusted as necessary to leave it in a safe and hygienic condition at the Customer's premises.

• The Company shall use its best endeavour to ensure the water cooler(s) are sanitised and safe upon installation or completion of a sanitising visit. ‘Do and Don't’ guidelines are issued to each customer. The cooler will be sanitised once a quarter, ensuring the integrity of the cooler at that point. However, the Company is unable to guarantee the continued hygiene and safe condition between sanitisations, during operation at the customer's premises due to circumstances beyond its control.

• The Company shall use its best endeavour to ensure the water cooler(s) are PAT tested prior to installation on the Customer’s site. However, the Customer shall be responsible for PAT testing the cooler(s) whilst these are on his site. In the case of Point of Use (POU) water coolers, as these are a permanent fixture and are not returned to the Company’s sanitisation unit for sanitisation and maintenance, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure regular testing is carried out within his own PAT testing programme.

• The Customer shall take good care of, properly use and in the interest of hygiene, keep the external parts of the Equipment clean at all times, including the drip tray.

• The Customer shall be liable for loss of, or damage to the Equipment, up to an amount equal to its full replacement value. The Customer will insure or otherwise indemnify the Company against loss or damage to its equipment whilst on the Customer's premises. Full payment will be due within 30 days of invoice date.

• The Company’s liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the Equipment and not include any consequential loss or damage. Occasional leaks and spillages around the cooler are acceptable hazards, pure water cannot itself cause marking to clean carpets and the Company will not be liable for any marks or damage to carpets, flooring and fittings. Water spillages on dirty carpets will however cause a ring mark and the Customer may wish to purchase an absorbent mat such as a Turtle Mat to prevent this happening.

• The Company may find it necessary, from time to time and for various reasons, to withdraw the Equipment and substitute it with comparable Equipment.

• Title to the Equipment shall never pass to the Customer but remain with the Company. Any goods delivered to the Customer remain the property of the Company until all goods have been paid for.

• The Equipment should not be removed from its original installation address without prior notification and agreement with the Company.

• The Customer must on request allow reasonable access to the Equipment at all times.

• All charges and costs are subject to VAT at the current rate.

• All charges and costs are subject to change due to outside forces unless they are fixed for a set period.

• Payment for the rental of the Equipment and any other charges shall become due in full within 30 days of the date of invoice.

• Cancellation of the Equipment must be in writing by the Customer to the Company, giving four weeks’ notice.

• Cancellation of a contract is not accepted by a third party company

• The Customer shall pay the price of the goods supplied within 30 days of the invoice date. Ownership of the goods supplied does not pass to the Customer until payment has been received in full.

• If the Customer fails to make payment when due, the Company shall be entitled to suspend any further supply of goods and appropriate any payment made by the Customer to such of the goods as the Company thinks fit.

• The Company reserves the right to remove the Equipment from the Customer’s premises, without prior warning, if the customer withholds payment, has gone into liquidation or receivership or has caused wilful damage to the cooler, or any other reason unacceptable to the Company.

• The Customer will take delivery of, and only use, 18.5 litre bottles filled with Mineral Water supplied by the Company for use with its Equipment. Bottles must not be refilled or the cap removed from the bottle. Either of these may invalidate the refunding of any deposit.

• The Customer will ensure that empty bottles are returned when deliveries are received. Bottles returned damaged or unusable are chargeable at the full replacement value. Bottles must not be used for any other purpose than dispensing spring mineral water.

• Once the Customer has taken delivery of bottles of water and, if for whatever reason it is not required, the water cannot be refunded and will be disposed of.

• The Company has the right to review and update these terms and conditions at any time and the current issue shall replace the previous one.