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Why membership of the BWCA is important to Countryside Water Coolers and to you

Posted On : 06/12/2018

We’ve just received the latest newsletter from the BWCA (that’s the British Water Cooler Association) and that got us thinking; why is it important for us to be members?

The mission statement of the BWCA states that it exists to ensure the attainment of the highest standards of quality, safety, hygiene and ethical conduct in the water cooler industry through unimpeachable products and services supplied by members to their customers, in full recognition of the Industry's environmental responsibilities.

While we fully support the BWCA’s declaration, why should our customers (and anyone looking for a water cooler company) care? Being a member ensures that your chosen supplier is fully aware and compliant with quality, safety, sanitisation, training, environmental practices and, importantly if you’re selling water products, the benefits of hydration.

Because water is a food product, hygiene and safety are essential and strict members must adhere to guidelines covering a code of practice on water source and distribution and they must also pass strict annual audits carried out by independent certification organizations (ours is coming up very soon).

Member companies are also required to employ “qualified service personnel who operate to the highest standards of safety and hygiene” as well as undertaking mandatory training in hygiene awareness, depot management, bottling plant operation plus Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved mains-fed cooler installation. But it doesn’t stop there; all affiliates must follow recycling guidelines for coolers, bottles, cups and packaging.

There we have it; we hope that you’ve been reassured of why membership of the BWCA is important to us and to you, and that should any old fly-by-night operation approach you about supplying water you show them the door!

Over the past few months, £40,000 has been raised by BWCA members supporting the construction of four boreholes in Zambia for the charityJust a Drop which brings sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities across the world.