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It's time to ditch the kettle and start saving money!

Posted On : 28/10/2015


Just look at the facts:

Average time to boil a kettle = four minutes

10 staff x four drinks per day = eight kettle boils

Four minutes x eight times a day = 32 minutes

Staff wages = £6.50 p/h = £3.25 per day

£16.25 per week x 48 week year = £780.00 per year wasted time waiting for the kettle to boil!

Kettles are:

Unsightly and unreliable
Heavy to pour and increased risk of spillages
Expensive to run and time wasted waiting for boil.

Our hot water boilers are:

Cost effective solution to making hot drinks
Up to 30 cups of filtered water at a time
Stylish, compact and reliable
Easy installation and six-monthly service.

Our hot water boilers are available from £20 + VAT per month,*and we're giving away a FREE box of in-cup drinks with every new install of a water boiler.

Simply telephone our sales team on 0800 061 2193 and quote 'BOILER15'.

We also supply plumbed-In water coolers in various styles. Call 0800 061 2193 for a quote or a free site survey.