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Spring Clean Your Water Offer 

Posted On : 19/04/2022

We’re beginning to resume our normal working lives and for some masks and social distancing is a distant memory.  For others, it’s key to their wellbeing that they retain some level of care in the work environment.  This extends to leisure, community and educational settings.  Whilst many may yearn for that return to normality, a healthy level of awareness is valued highly by others. It’s time to think outside the box, ensure your teams are confident in their working environment and spring clean your water provision. 

An Easter Sweetener to Seal the Deal 

At Countrywise, we’re offering an Easter offer to make that choice of water provision easy – check out our website for details (available to 31 May 22). Whatever your views on a hybrid working life with a mix of office and home working, it suits many to return to the daily working environment, and we’d like to help you do just that.  Thinking about water provision, hot and chilled, is a great way to welcome your teams back on site.  Whether you’re looking for a plumbed in option (as per our Easter deal) or a space-saving hot water dispenser, offering hot and cold water, Countrywise enables you to really think about what works for your people and your office.  

Give yourself Space 

Our range of water dispensers gives you choices. Choices to spread out your dispensers avoiding crowding in snug areas or give visitors a chance to help themselves to water in a safe environment. Bottled water dispensers give you options on locations.  These can provide chilled and hot water.  The table top dispensers can be easily moved and again, chilled and hot water is available with just a light touch. Placing a water dispenser in an easily accessible location away from areas where people naturally congregate can mean that you avoid queuing or a general grouping around a dispenser.  Its location can also enable you to easily see when cups need replacing or a bin emptied. Provide wipes around coffee or tea areas rather than dish cloths, and keep all surfaces clear and clean at all times. These simple tips can mean that employees and visitors remain aware that you’re looking to cater for all levels of after-covid care and you’re delighted to welcome them back!