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On the up: Another sales record falls for Countrywise Water Coolers

Posted On : 21/08/2018

Maybe it’s been the hot summer, maybe it’s the sterling work of our marketing team or maybe the word is spreading further afield about our refreshing natural mineral water; or maybe it’s a combination of all three – either way, last month we recorded our highest ever sales figures.

We sold 20,500 of our 19 litre bottles (that’s the standard size water cooler container) to our thirsty customer across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derby and Nottingham which is 50 per cent more than we shifted in July 2016.

Those 20,500 19 litre bottles equate to 389,500 litres, but let’s call it 400 million litres to keep things simple. 400,000 litres is also 400,000,000 millilitres and if you wanted to store that much water at home (why?) you could buy a galvanised steel tank complete with a liner for around £8,600 – that includes vat. Planning permission would be needed, and a lot of space.

Okay, so now you’ve got your 400,000 litres of water here are a few things you could do with it:

The average hosepipe can use 1,000 litres of water per hour, so 400,000 litres represents a hosepipe running for 16 days continuously.

One litre is 1.75 pints so 400,000 litres so you could make 700,000 pints of beer.

A typical mug of tea is 350ml so 400,000 litres lets you make 140 million cuppas, and if you had the means to make your own paper you could produce 40,000 sheets of A4.

The average garden water butt holds 100 litres of fluid, so you could fill it 400 times.

Cola is probably quite easy to make (pretty much carbonated water with vanilla, cinnamon, citrus oils and few other bibs and bobs) and it takes 200 litres of water to produce a single can (wow!) so, you could manufacture 2,000 cans.

A modern washing machine uses around 70 litres of water so for 400,000 litres you could run it 5,714 times.

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