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Our marketing director takes on extra role with buying group AWS

Posted On : 01/05/2016


We’re pleased to announce that our marketing director Rebecca Stow is now also the marketing manager for the AWS Group.

AWS, or Associated Water Services to give it its full title, is the UK’s leading supplier of regional water cooler distributors offering a local service on a national level.

Its main objective is to share best practise to improve efficiency, profitability and service to each of its customer base.

The group was set up eight years ago by Peter Brooks, who is now its chairman. He said: “As well as learning from each other’s experiences and successes, the AWS group has successfully maintained key supplier relationships through its annual group supplier meeting in Birmingham.

“The buying committee which represents all members of the AWS group who are responsible for the service and maintenance of more than 65,000 water coolers in the UK has negotiated a list of preferred suppliers to supply the group.

“Through these relationships, the AWS group has effectively created a new market presence within the industry.”

Rebecca said: “The main objective for the AWS group moving forward is to continue to maintain a strong regional focus on customer service while operating nationally and improving on our own procedures.

“Each member is able to subcontract any work outside of their own region safe in the knowledge that the service level and quality is equal to their own standards set out by the BWCA.”

In addition to Countrywise Water Coolers, AWS is also made up of the following companies: Cameron Water Ltd, Lanarkshire; Edgars Water, Tonbridge; Wenlock Spring Water, Shropshire; Thirsty Work, Devon; Office Beverages, Bristol; Office Water Coolers, Staffordshire and Princes Gate Cool Water, Pembrokeshire.