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Let_s celebrate the apple!

Posted On : 14/09/2016


AUTUMN is upon which means that it’s apple season, and ahead of Apple Day on 21 October we thought we’d have a look at our favourite English pomaceous fruit.

The apple tree, also known as malus pumila, is a deciduous tree in the rose family it is cultivated worldwide. It has its origins in Central Asia, where its wild ancestor, malus sieversii, is still found today.

Apples have religious and mythological significance in many cultures, including Norse, Greek and European Christian traditions.

In no particular order, here are Countrywise Water Coolers’ favourite English apples:

  1. Chivers Delight has similar properties to the Cox's Orange Pippin which is why it’s also known as the Cox Plus. It has a much flavour as the Orange Pippin, and better acidity and a firm and nutty skin.
  2. Claygate Pearmain was at Claygate, in Surrey, and brought to the attention of the Royal Horticultural Society by John Braddick in 1821. It’s a brown-russeted fruit with a crimson patch on the sun-facing side, and it has a nutty aromatic flavor.
  3. Egremont Russet is a famous apple with a wonderful nutty, woody texture and a very characteristic taste, floral and heady, so you can almost smell the blossom. It stores well, with the flavour deepening to honey.
  4. Cox’s Orange Pippin Cox's is highly regarded due to its excellent flavour and attractive appearance. The flesh is very aromatic, yellow-white, fine-grained, crisp, and very juicy; and it has a sprightly subacid flavour, with hints of cherry and anise.
  5. Gascoyne's Scarlet is used to produce apple juice with a pink colour. It is large in size, and the skin is pale green with a red flush on the sunny side, and its flesh is firm and aromatic.
  6. Worcester Pearmain is a rich, creamy apple with a really strong flavour, and is one of the original varieties brought over by the Normans. You don’t see them very often but they are popular for pressing into juice.
  7. Ribston Pippin is a yellow, flushed orange, streaked red apple with russet at the base and apex. The yellow flesh is firm, fine-grained, and sweet with a pear taste.
  8. Pixie is a popular garden variety because it’s easy to grow. It’s a very good Cox substitute, with quite a sharp flavour and a firmer flesh.
  9. Norfolk Royal is a sweet old-fashioned bright red apple with a sweet, crisp and juicy white flesh.
  10. Laxton’s Superb is a classic old Victorian apple. It is green in colour with a dull red flush, while its texture is firm.

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