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It's a record breaking summer 2013 for Countrywise Water Coolers!

Posted On : 01/08/2013

As you'd expect with a heatwave we've been really busy keeping up with the extra demand for bottled water. In fact we've been so busy we've broken our own record for the number of bottles we've delivered in a single week. In one week in July 2006 we delivered 4,600 bottles _ and bear in mind that each one holds 20 litres which means a total of 92,000 litres, or 161,897 pints. And in the third week of last month we delivered 5,000 bottles to the thirsty workers of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire; which is 100,000 litres or 175,975 pints. And that's enough to fill a 20 metre swimming pool*. Phew! Keep on keeping hydrated! * That's a lie, 100,000 litres would fill a pool measuring only 10m x 10m x 1m.