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Healthy staff = healthy business; why office fruit boosts corporate wellbeing

Posted On : 20/03/2019

Fresh fruit in the workplace is fast becoming a fixture in the business world, and one reason is that it helps to improve employee wellbeing. Studies have found that companies offering workplace health initiatives earn high marks with their workforce.

As an example, a study has found that 87 per cent of respondents said they would rather be employed by someone who provides health and wellbeing support, while 82 per cent believed that such programs improved employee wellbeing.

It has also been found that workers that feel valued, validated and appreciated are far more efficient, effective and productive than their stressed, resentful counterparts!

It’s a well known fact that fruit offers a uniquely appealing dietary choice that combines great taste and dense nutrition, while also giving an unparalleled source of natural energy, as well as essential vitamins, minerals and fibre; all of which can help prevent chronic diseases including cardiovascular conditions, some types of cancer and diabetes.

Providing free fruit is an inexpensive way to show staff that they are valued; as well as delivering a maximum return on investment from a health and wellness perspective.

By offering fresh fruit for employees, companies can make it easier for their workers to make healthy choices. Fruit also boosts workplace productivity on multiple levels; especially during the post-prandial slump – that’s the drowsiness following a lunchtime meal and which is said to strike at around 2:16pm.

As already mentioned, the healthy immune system that fruit supports helps towards preventing a host of chronic illnesses, which in turn means less time off due to sickness; but fruit in the workplace is also a visible sign of support for employees’ healthy lifestyles and can contribute to boosting morale, company loyalty and employee satisfaction.

Today’s employees are on the lookout for companies that offer progressive values, a focus on wellness, and a steadfast commitment to the work/life balance; but with virtually every employer in the marketplace offering the same traditional benefits, those that think outside the box for workplace perks will help attract and retain top talent. That’s got to be healthy for everyone!

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