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Free rental on any additional Countrywise bottled water cooler until April 2014

Posted On : 15/10/2013

It's autumn and the leaves are falling, and we'd like to drop something into your lap _ free rental on any additional bottled water cooler until April 2014, even for new customers*. We're offering this from now until Friday 20 December, which is when autumn ends, so you could give yourself an early Christmas present! Our plumbed-in water coolers filter and chill your onsite water supply and start from 59 pence per day, and you can either rent or buy them. These are perfect for customers that require larger quantities of water, and they are a permanent, long-term hydration solution. And they are ideal if site conditions make the delivery and storage of large bottles difficult or impractical. We can also provide and install under-sink coolers where the chiller unit is hidden in a cupboard near a sink, and the swan neck tap sits on the work surface over a sink area. These are great if you want to use a kitchen but don't have the workspace. Our bottled water coolers offer Shropshire Spring Water bottled at source and start at ?2.80 per week. These come in 18.5L or 13L recyclable bottles allowing the cooler to be placed anywhere within an office and only require an electrical socket. They take up very little space and can enhance the look of the room, and for areas that have constantly changing needs or room layout a bottled cooler can be moved quickly and easily. Tempted? Our sales team can be contacted on 0800 0612 193 or email sales@countrywise.net. * Please quote "AUTUMN".