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Five reasons why you should drink water

Posted On : 06/03/2014

WE all, hopefully, know drinking water can help with weight loss and is good for the skin, but here are five benefits you may?not know: Drinking water helps build muscle as it carries oxygen to the cells of the body, including those of?the muscles; helping them to work harder and longer before they feel tired. It cushions joints which need moisture in order to remain strong and flexible; ensuring smooth and pain-free?movement. It increases cognitive function by helping to ensure that the brain gets all the oxygen it needs, and that?the body_s electrolyte levels remain high enough to allow the nerves to relay messages to the brain. Water prevents fluid retention as the body won_t try to retain it if it_s getting enough. It burns fat because when enough water is drunk the kidneys don_t need extra help detoxifying your body, so the liver will be better able to metabolise stored fat more efficiently (not to mention it prevents?constipation). And here's one more; if you you have a desk job every trip to the water cooler (and the bathroom) is helping you to burn calories. Want to know more about our water coolers, then contact our sales team.