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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Posted On : 17/02/2021

With our brains comprised mostly of water, hydration is vital to keep us all functioning perfectly. It’s a fact that hydration has an impact on the brain, as well as the body, with research* showing that even mild hydration can have a negative impact on energy levels and moods ….. and may even heighten the symptoms of anxiety.  At Countrywise, we know our customers love our hot and cold water dispensers, and they add value to their employee offer.  A happy work force, customer, or visitor, is good for everyone.  

Mind over Matter

So while the body needs water for a myriad of reasons, our moods may be improved by drinking the the recommended amount of water per day.  The NHS advises this to be 6-8 glasses per day, which can either be straight water, diluted with juice (watch the sugar content!) or even tea and coffee.  With a water dispenser at your location, chilling or heating water throughout your day, it’s an easy option and front of mind … no pun intended!  Working from home, it can be trickier to remember to drink on a regular basis, especially if you’re juggling home and work life, but our moods will always need an uplift and a glass or two of H2O can be a brilliant first step to a happier you.

Easy Wins for Water

With the Countrywise hot and cold water dispensers – and with their additional special safety features such as the foot pedal – our water is simple to dispense and it’s easy to add some variety to your intake each day.  Slivers of ginger soaked in hot water makes a fantastic drink to clear toxins and promote wellbeing in your digestive system.  Lemon is great for vitamin C and B6, and why not add a spoon of honey for winter comfort.   At Countrywise, we love our desktop juice – or infused juices - they are easy to make in an office setting, and give you the flavour and added vitamins to make your water even more delicious.  Try crushing fresh blueberries (top tip: best if all fruit is room temperature, not too chilled), using a fork or the back of a teaspoon, approximately a small handful per small glass, add a dash of chilled water and voila.  Blueberries work well as they are especially juicy as well as being super-good for you.  Other options include a chilled infused juice with strawberry, basil and lemon – a great combination – honeydew melon, cucumber and mint or mango, raspberry and ginger.  If these options don’t lift the mood, then it’s a fact that a good glass of chilled water will do just the job.  It’s time to boost our brains and meet whatever challenges we face, in the best mood we can!

*British Journal of Nutrition