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Are you Winter thirsty?

Posted On : 18/11/2021

There is a common misconception that we don’t need to hydrate as much during the winter season. Everyone knows that energetic sports activity under the heat of the sun mean that children and adults should re-hydrate regularly.  However, what we often forget is that living and working within air-conditioned premises or working in our centrally heated homes and offices, means we still need to keep our hydration at optimum levels.  It’s not only our warmer homes that affect hydration.  Cold weather can also affect our hydration levels.  In the winter months, there is less humidity and cold air takes the moisture out of the air.  Lack of moisture in the air can dry your skin (the body’s largest organ) and can decrease the effectiveness of our immune systems. Just because you don’t sweat, doesn’t mean you’re not losing hydration so help debunk the myth, stay hydrated whatever the season! 

Office Drinks

Decaffeinated hot drinks are just as hydrating and they often fit well with working within an office during the winter. Installing hot water boilers can ensure your team are regularly drinking. They are easy to use, no need to wait for a kettle to boil, and they are hygenic.  Fluids are vital to keeping the brain and body in tip top condition, and drinking regularly can ensure your staff perform at their best.

Healthy Alternatives

At Countrywise, we like to recommend alternatives to tea and coffee, although even we can’t do without our daily dose of caffeine.  Our hot lemon and ginger is one of our favourites and add a spoon of honey, you’d be amazed how delicious and refreshing this hot drink can be. We also love hot blackcurrant or hot orange (just a dash of squash gives you lots of options), and if you can’t resist a caffeine boost, go continental, and  always drink in tandem with a glass of our chilled water.  It’s easy and it’s great to get in the habit. You will notice the difference and it’s a scientific fact that we perform better if our brains are appropriately hydrated. 

Drink Before You’re Thirsty

It’s also a fact that a body needs hydrating before you feel thirsty.  This is the body’s last ditch attempt to encourage you to find fluid.  Don’t take the stress, drink regularly, build the levels up, and whatever the dial on your central heating is saying, make sure you’re matching it with regularly sips.  If your house or office temperate is on 22 degrees, this is the same as an early summer’s day – the temperature is more constant and more drying within the confines of a room, so remember, drink more – hot or cold – and feel the benefits.

Our autumn offer is available until April 2022, so check out our website and get hydrated whatever the weather!